Being active in the esports scene for over 5 years, Dynasty is one of the older Benelux esports organisations. Our vision is to provide a basis for all local esports talent to further develop themselves. This counts for aspiring players as well as coaches, designers, managers and other staff.

We based our office in Breda, where we work together with the local government, schools and gaming related companies to create a sustainable, local foundation. Hosting activities such as the Breda Esports Conference, high school lessons and after school gaming activities for kids. Linking our competitive esports knowledge with our newfound offline success, we hope to bolster both our team and our local impact.

With our recent promotion back to the first division, we set our sights to where it all began, competing at the highest level. With a roster comprised of hungry and very talented players, we believe we set the competition on edge and exceed expectations.

Looking forward to great splits!


Nejc Muhic


Marcus Drechsler


Corné Croonenberg


Wout Lenaerts


Kai van Bochoven



Lars Gunter



[Head Coach]

Ryan van Strydonck



Jai Hill



[Head Coach]

Ralph Tesselhof




Dylan Lardinois

Layer 2


[Team Operations Manager]

Nina Vossen

Elite Series:
League of Legends

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Benelux League of Legends is coming back together as one: the spot the Belgian League and Dutch League held within Riot’s European Regional Leagues over the past two years is now being filled by the Elite Series: League of Legends competition.

The competition stays true to the familiar structure of a Spring Split and a Summer Split with €10,000 up for grabs per Split. Each Split is played as a Double Round Robin between all 8 teams, culminating in a King-of-the-Hill style Playoff between the top four teams of the Split. The best two teams will go on to represent the Benelux in the EU Masters.

Teams will face off twice a week, every Monday and Wednesday starting at 19:00. The Spring Split has concluded already and the Summer Split will start on Monday 6 June!

After the Summer Split a Promotion-Relegation phase is played where the bottom two teams of the Elite Series face off versus the two best up-and-coming teams from the LoL Benelux Circuit. Always wanted to work yourself up to the Elite Series? Then sign yourself up to the Benelux Circuit here.

Finally the year is wrapped up with a Pro-Am tournament, where we will see multiple teams from the LoL Benelux Circuit and beyond join the fray and compete in a one-off tournament for the final €8,000 prize pool. Do they have what it takes to hold their own against the best of the best that Elite Series has to offer?